My Story

I’ve always had a desire to be a runner. The parts that attract me to running are the me time, getting outdoors, and that it’s a completely personal sport while also having a huge community. Oh and the runner physique is pretty awesome too.

I’ve always been too lazy to live out my dreams of being a runner. When I was younger, I played soccer, did dance, and was an overall active kid, but a bit pudgy. When I got to high school, I was on my school’s cross country team for a season but allowed a battle with tendonitis to totally get me off track. I definitely milked it which sucks. I had one good race that season and I remember my time being 30 minutes and change which was great for a non-runner. Then the tendonitis happened and my dreams of being a runner dwindled.

My XC Team - I'm the one on the bottom right wearing pants. Because I didn't run that day. Because I was lame.

My XC Team – I’m the one on the bottom right wearing pants. Because I didn’t run that day. Because I was lame.

Fast forward through high school (did a season of indoor track, lacrosse, and finished up my years just playing tennis) to college where I started to focus more on my health. Up until my sophomore year of college, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I didn’t think about the health benefits or anything – I just ate what was good. I always thought I was too young to care about dieting or working out (read: in denial). I was never overweight, but always on the higher end of  the acceptable weight range for my height.

I started going to the gym, did Weight Watchers, and then lost a good 30 pounds. Unfortunately, I didn’t really learn how to eat and pretty much limited my workouts to half hour gym sessions. Nothing spectacular.

After I graduated I started up a job at an Internet company where no one really cared about health and there was constantly food available and going out to lunch was the norm. I gained all the weight I lost in college back and then some. I was miserable. My job was draining me emotionally and I turned to food for solace.

I finally got sick of feeling like a prisoner in my own body, got out of the dead-end job, and was finally getting happy. In this time, I realized that gluten was a big culprit in my gastro problems as well as killer migraines so I have since cut gluten out of my diet and have been focusing more on eating whole foods – cutting out processed dairy, meats, and basically all frozen food.

My new, awesome job gives us a free gym membership so I saw this as my opportunity to get in shape. I signed up for a trainer and started the Couch to 5K program and started to remember how much I loved the feeling of a good run.

I’m finally taking control of my life and running is a big catalyst to that. It’s a lot easier to run if I feel great and it’s easier to feel great if I’m eating well.

TLDR; I’m using this blog to record my journey towards becoming a runner. Well, no strike that. I AM a runner. This is just my journey of running more and how it affects my life. I’m excited to see what happens.

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