What’s A Goin’ On!?

Oh hey blogosphere, remember me? Doubtful because I haven’t posted in a bagillion years! So what has been going on with me that has kept me away? Well. Stuff.

Marathon training is still going, but not going as well as I would like. If you haven’t heard, winter in New England has sucked a big one. Boston has had record snow falls and we’ve been up to our teeth in snow banks until recently (jk, they’re still here.. just downgraded from giant to baby giant thanks to some sunny days). Training in that hasn’t been much fun. The streets up near where I live are narrow enough as it is without igloos lining the roads which makes running extra treacherous since dodging cars is not my strong suit.

Despite the snow, I’ve still had a few decent long runs (got up to 15 miles) but my weekday running has been lacking at best. Oh also, all of my freaking races were just straight up canceled. February half marathon? Rescheduled and then completely canceled. 20 miler? Straight up canceled. I have another half marathon scheduled for this weekend, but that brings me to another fun fact…


Celebrity Doppleganger: Wisdom Tooth Extraction Edition

I just got my wisdom teeth out! Normally my face isn’t that bulbous. Of course, I am no normal person so recovery has been stupid. My dentist highly recommends not running a half marathon this weekend so I’m going to abide by his wishes, especially since I’m still bleeding every day. Sigh.

Anyway, all hope is not yet lost. I plan on getting back on that galloping horse next week and try to get in an 18 miler and a 20 miler before I start to taper (it seems silly to taper considering how little I’ve been doing). I know that the marathon won’t be super enjoyable due to my lack of training, but I also feel confident that I can complete it far under the course required 7 hours (I’m shooting for 5).

Since I know that this marathon will not quite live up to my standards of a great race, I entered the lottery for the Chicago marathon today. My reasoning behind this is such: I don’t hear back until after my April marathon so if I completely die and never want to try for a marathon again, I wouldn’t have stupidly already dropped close to $200 on something that I won’t complete. If I finish the marathon and feel like I could do better in the fall, then there we go. Win win. If I get in that is. If I don’t then I’ll just wait til next year to sign up for a new one.

Positive thinking, yah!

Marathon Training: Week 5

Ah week 5. The week of my birthday, a double run day, and Montreal. Fun week, not so fun training. Let’s have a look:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles easy
Wednesday: Morning: 6 miles easy Evening: 1 mile & 20 minutes elliptical (was supposed to be 8 miles.. we’ll get to that in a bit)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Unplanned rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Unplanned rest Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 4

Already done with week 4? Woah baby, where does the time go?? This week was the first of my new plan and it went quite swimmingly. Breakdown!

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.52.15 PM


Monday: Rest day—felt very good after 9 miles!
Tuesday: 3.5 easy—stuck to the treadmill for this one. Even opted to go after work and actually went!
Wednesday: 5 tempo at lunch—1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 10k pace, 1 mile cool down. I also went to a Hatha yoga class that night. Felt sooo good to stretch out the run.
Thursday: Rest & a night of bowling.
Friday: 4 easy—another successful journey to the gym after work.
Saturday: 25 minutes of yoga—nothing crazy, but it got me moving.
Sunday: 11 whopping miles. Continue reading

I Have a Tendency to be Overzealous

When it comes to running races, sometimes I have a hard time containing my excitement and using logic before jumping into decisions. Let’s look at short history of my zeal:

1) Dedicated myself to running a half marathon before ever running a 5K

2) Signed up for a marathon because it was on sale

3) Signed up to run a half marathon just 3 weeks after running my first-ever marathon solely because it’s in pretty Vermont Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 2

Last week was a tease. A beautiful, sunny, warm tease. Luckily it eased me into my training so this week I was ready to tackle some colder-weather running. Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles w/ Yasso 800s

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Lowell’s First Run 10k

Friday: Yoga for Runners DVD

Saturday: 4 miles & yoga

Sunday: 2 miles, shoveling, and one sun salutation

Weekly mileage: 15.2 (1.8 short of goal)

The week started off pretty well. Despite temperatures sticking around 20 or below, it really wasn’t unbearable for running. My long run was supposed to be 7 miles on Sunday, but since I did the 10K on Thursday, I decided to shoot for 4 miles instead. The weather didn’t agree with me and decided to give me snow, slush, and ice instead of the clear streets I’ve been spoiled with.

I knew that training for a spring marathon meant having to run in shitty conditions, and even though I purchased Yaktrax to keep me from slipping to my doom, I was still apprehensive about running in the snow & ice. Regardless, I strapped on my Yaktrax for the first time and headed out the door. It was a balmy 32 degrees so the snow was melting and everything was just super sloshy. After my first hundred yards, I realized that the Yaktrax are actually pretty awesome and I didn’t feel unstable at all. My biggest obstacle was going around giant slush puddles and trying to not get splashed/ run over since sidewalk running wasn’t an option.

I had a hard time finding a clear enough path that would have limited traffic so I just ended up cutting my run short to 2 miles. I’m glad that I did, too, since by the time I made it home, my calves were killing me. The extra height from the Yaktrax must have really thrown off what my legs are used to so I delicately sat down on the floor for about a half an hour with a bag of frozen veggies on each calf.

As my mileage increases this winter, I’m going to have to either find better routes or pray to the snow gods to keep the streets clear on long-run Sundays.

Here’s looking at 9 miles LSD next week!